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Prague Medical Report was founded as Sborník lékařský in May 1885. From 2004 is a fully reviewed scientific journal in English.

Volume 109 (2008) Supplement

Dear Colleagues, Dear Readers,


The Supplement of Prague Medical Report, Vol. 109 (2008) contains contributions

to be presented at the 58th Czech and Slovak Pharmacological Meeting (Pharmacological Days), which will take place in Prague on September 3–5, 2008.

The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague is pleased to host this event, representing a traditional gathering of Czech and Slovak pharmacologists and scientists interested in related fields of biomedical sciences, in the year of the 660th anniversary of its existence.


We would also like to cordially welcome guest speakers from Germany, Norway, UK and USA.

The organisers hope that you will enjoy both the scientific and cultural aspects of this Meeting.

Professor Tomáš Zima, MD., DSc.

Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine,

Charles University in Prague

Prague Medical Report

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Treatment of a Superficial Mycosis by Low-temperature Plasma: A Case Report

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